Your Privacy is important to us

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is most important to us.

In this privacy policy statement we describe how we collect your personal information through icolours web solutions website and how we utilize it.

By using iColours web solutions services you agree to our use of personal information sent to us by submitting the customer form while purchasing the services. You also agree to and consent to us collecting, storing, processing, transferring and sharing your personal information [including sensitive personal information] with third parties or service providers.

Data we collect from users

Information you give to us like your name, address, city, state, email address, mobile number which is required for processing of purchase by submitting the form at the time of purchasing any service

Why we collect data from users?

To fulfill orders, processing payments, delivering the orders and for communicating with you from iColours Web Solutions via different channels like phone, email, chat.

To troubleshoot any query, sending reports of the performance and fixing the stability and effectiveness of your service purchased from iColours Web Solutions.

Marketing of your services which is purchased from iColours Web Solutions.

Handling legal obligations.

Advertising and marketing – sometimes we need your information for the purpose of advertising and marketing of your business.

Sharing your information

Information of our customers is very important and essential to us. We share your information with your consent for business improvements.

We share your information for:

  1. Transactions and communications with third parties.
  2. If you want to transfer your business from iColours Web Solutions to the other companies.
  3. For services which are provided by the third party companies.
  4. Protection of iColours web solutions

Information you can access

By any means project got cancelled within 10 days from the day of order placed, we will refund the amount which is paid by the client for the project with the deduction of 30% and also we can not refund the amount which is paid for the Domain Name Registration and the Web Hosting.

Your information is secure with us

We believe that our system is very secure and improved so that any online fraudsters can not hack or get the information from our website for their use.

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